Michaela, young and inexperienced

It was the teenage years when I was inexperienced but also incredibly curious. Finally I wanted to know what it was like to touch a girl, a woman and to experience the same. It was in the 70’s when the girlfriend of a buddy told me that one of her friends wanted to celebrate her birthday to finally meet a boy. Next saturday it should be so far. We set off with a whole troop of both sexes and were happily expected in a very conservative household. Michaela’s parents entertained us and also her grandmother crept around again and again, taking care that the light was always bright enough to keep her granddaughter from harm. Until then I had been smooching and fiddling around a bit, but everything was always above the clothes.

Michaela was not a beauty, but she had a prophetic female figure. I soon realized that I was the one of all the chosen ones who should get closer to her. In the brightness and the hustle and bustle with parents and grandma I kept my distance. We all sat on the floor, as was customary at the time. After a few beers and some time passed, Michaela asked her parents and grandma not to come into the room any more, which gave rise to some discussions, but was finally noticed. All of a sudden the light was dimmed and Michaela sat next to me, turned on me expectantly. Actually I liked her quite well and especially the thought to come close to her, to touch her and …..- my thoughts wandered into erotic fantasies – made me curious and inwardly also a little, no, quite horny. So I moved closer to her and we talked with the louder music,

At some point I put my arm around her, which made her come closer. Then her cheek was on mine and suddenly our lips met. Soon it was a wild play of our tongues. The proximity had triggered something in both of us, ignited a volcano. The sitting position soon turned into a lying one, in which we pressed our bodies quite impetuously against each other. I had a full-grown stiff in my pants, which pressed against Michaela, rubbing against her. My hand massaged her full breasts without any resistance, on the contrary, she obviously liked it very much. Somehow my hand slipped under her t-shirt and soon I was massaging her breasts on the light bra. This went on for a while and then she lay on her back in the semi-darkness with her thighs slightly open. Obviously she was also very aroused. So I came between her thighs and pressed my member against her, her shame. Suddenly I noticed that I was so aroused that I almost came. That did not work at all in this situation. So I pulled back a little, because just one touch would have made me ejaculate violently into my pants. For minutes I remained in this orgasmic state of suspension, but I was able to avoid coming with confused thoughts.

When I was master of my senses again I told Michaela that we should go to her room or to a place undisturbed. She expressed concern about her parents and grandmother, who were probably keeping watch at the door. Somehow she “scared away” the guards and led me into her room on the second floor. We were just lying on top of each other when the triumvirate, led by her mother, entered the room in indignation at our sight. With that, the party, or fete, as we said at the time, was dissolved. The thoughts of Michaela, her full breasts, her willingness and what else could be, hardly let my limbs slacken, gave me many wet handkerchiefs secretly under the blanket at night.

A meeting with her at my home seemed impossible, since I only had one room with my brother, my grandmother lived with me in the household and my father would only let out his humiliating jokes and sayings. It was winter and therefore wet and cold outside. So that too was out. Those were the conditions back then. One of my buddies at these activities invited us all to a party at his place. His parents were known to be liberal and he had his own apartment in his parents’ apartment building. This was a welcome opportunity to call them. Michaela and I met in the city and went to my buddy’s place together. On the way, we didn’t talk about what was going on as we were probably both too shy and inexperienced.

When the light was dimmed, I started to touch Michaela carefully, on her arm and shoulder. She smiled very invitingly. Then I told her that we could go next door to another room where we were alone. She came along and we kissed very intensely standing up. My member pressed itself against her through our clothes. We lay down on the couch and kissed more passionately. My hand went under Michaela’s T-shirt, on her bra and I massaged her breasts. After a while I pushed up the bra and touched her bare breasts, felt her bare nipples with increasing excitement until I pushed up the T-shirt and in the dim light I looked at her bare breasts with fascination. This way I also came between her thighs and pressed my stiff penis through her clothes against her shame. We both got really horny and rolled around on the couch. My excitement was again very high and I feared to come in my pants.

Michaela was passive and let it happen but with joy, as I could see from her smile. So she lay there with her upper body dislocated and I kissed her breasts, licked her nipples, sucked on them. It was so wonderfully exciting. Anytime someone could come into the room, so we had to be careful. Then my hand on her pants moved between her thighs and I massaged and rubbed them there very intensely. I kept my highly aroused penis out of reach of her hands for known reasons. Finally I opened Michaela’s head and let my hand slide in. Her thighs were open and on the loose terrycloth slip I went between her thighs and kissed her intensely. I had never been so far with the opposite sex before and it felt damn good and exciting.

The next time I went into her pants I let my hand slide into her panties from above. First I felt her full pubic hair, it was insanely horny. As my hand went deeper, between her legs I did not reach into moisture but into endless wetness. We kissed each other. I was so excited and wanted to experience more. So I rubbed her between her labia with my index finger, not too fast but intensively. Michaela embraced me and after maybe 1.5 minutes she pulled my hand out, because she was probably close to the climax, as I analyzed later. This was repeated several times and again and again she squeezed my hand out. She enjoyed it as much as I did, but here it was not possible to go any further. Even my request to let it happen simply could not convince her, unfortunately.

I asked her when we had a chance to be alone at her home. She wanted to, I could feel it clearly. But she did not give me any hope in the foreseeable future. Then I remembered that my parents would go on vacation 2 weeks later with my brother and I would take care of grandma in the house. That would be an opportunity to visit ……

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